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High-Rise Western-Style Living
 2BRから 3BR,4BR,5BRタイプと豊富なバリエーション
The most spacious living area of any high-rise residence in the Akasaka neighborhood. Consisting mainly of 3BR and 4BR-type units, the largest apartments feature a family room with open-plan kitchen boasting a floor space of over 30m2. A cozy breakfast nook has been built into all the kitchens in the smaller apartments. Ample room for entertaining is provided by the living/dining rooms, which average around 50m2 and form the “public” area of the residence. The manner in which they are distinct from the “ private” quarters, including the bedrooms, is one of Homat’s most time-honored concepts.
Etype : 2BED ROOMS+FAMLY ROOM Exclusive Area/168.33m2 Htype : 3BED ROOMS Exclusive Area/182.64m2
Ktype : 4BED ROOMS+FAMLY ROOM Exclusive Area/256.80m2 Ntype : 4BED ROOMS+FAMLY ROOM Exclusive Area/259.94m2
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