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House Hunting in Tokyo with Virtual Tours

November 24, 2020

The process of finding a house in Tokyo is changing especially for foreign clients coming from overseas. Since COVID, the Real Estate Companies and Agents need to adjust to their clients needs to view and decide when renting or buying properties in Tokyo.

Previously, the standard procedure for clients coming from overseas was first flying in to Tokyo to view and decide their house, fly back to their county and come back in a month or two to move, in the meantime having the contract procedures taken care of.
Some clients would come to Tokyo and stay in hotels while house hunting and move-in once decided.

However, the situation has changed. First, many clients have plans to come to Japan but are waiting on their visas, not knowing when they can actually come to Japan. Furthermore, even if they arrive in Japan they need to have a 14 day quarantine before they can start viewing properties. This takes much more time and costs not also mentioning the inconvenience of the procedure.

To fix this problem, Sun Realty now offers a new content in our Homepage. We have a Virtual Tour service which we show our vacant units including having a walk through of the apartments in an online video session. Many of our clients now use this system, making it possible to view and decide without actually visiting the property, which makes them able to have the house ready when they fly in to Japan and start their 14-day quarantine in their new home. We are having more and more cases like this which have led to sealing the deal.

We do not know how long this will continue or would ever-end. All we know is that either way, realtors must be ready to adjust to the system in the future to come.
Sun Realty has been a leading the Real Estate Agency for the Foreign Community ever since established in 1954, and will keep leading the way in this new era.

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