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For nearly 70 years, Sun Realty has been helping expats from around the world find premium rental apartments and investment properties in Tokyo. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we are recognized as experts in the area of luxury properties in Tokyo.

Sun Realty was established in 1954, a time when Japan did not have luxury housing options for those in the foreign community. We were the only real estate agent to serve the needs of the foreign community in Japan. Since Homat Homes was founded, we have been the exclusive agent for the company’s high-end properties.

Today, we continue to offer the highest-quality properties, excellent property maintenance, and attentive service. Sun Realty is at the forefront of Tokyo’s real estate market.

Our clients include diplomats and company executives, and we take great pride in their satisfaction.

Our Sales Representatives

What makes Sun Realty different from any other real estate agencies? It is not only our luxury apartments and Homat properties, but also our sales representatives. They truly stand out and take genuine care of our clients. Our representatives are bilingual, have passed rigorous real estate examinations, and have years of experience in real estate. Most importantly, they will take the time to talk to you so they completely understand your priorities and requirements when helping you find your new residence.

As a result, we have many faithful clients who we have served for decades. Thanks to our long history in the industry and our professional service, they continue to recommend our services to their friends and acquaintances.

If you are looking to rent or buy a luxury condo or house in Tokyo and want to work with an English-speaking representative, contact us today.

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Exclusive Property Listings

We offer more select properties in Tokyo on an exclusive basis than any other real estate agencies. This is one of the main reasons so many clients choose Sun Realty.

A wide selection of Tokyo’s finest-quality apartments and houses — especially those built by Homat Homes, Ltd. — are listed solely with Sun Realty.

If you are looking for a spacious, high-end apartment or house in an excellent location, with a large parking space and a beautiful garden terrace, then one of our exclusive Homat properties will be the perfect home for you.

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Our Services

Sun Realty agents assist their clients in every way they can. We work every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, so we are always only a phone call away.

We also have an excellent reputation with many owners in central Tokyo for property management and maintenance.

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Homat properties perfectly blend Western comforts and features with the charm of traditional Japanese elements, such as tranquil rooftop gardens

A Message from the President

Since Sun Realty was founded in 1954, we have been providing Japanese and foreign corporate executives as well as diplomats from many countries with houses and apartments in central Tokyo. These residences are equipped with the best amenities and situated in convenient locations, offering comfortable, peaceful living.

Sun Realty is a development consultant to Homat Homes, advising the firm as it builds a wide selection of Homat-brand houses and apartments in residential areas — surrounded by greenery — in Tokyo. Homat properties perfectly blend Western comforts and features with the charm of traditional Japanese elements, such as tranquil rooftop gardens. Coupled with attentive service and good property maintenance, Homat houses and apartments have an excellent reputation in the market. They are known as the hallmark of high-quality living among discriminating clients.

For nearly 70 years, Sun Realty has had the exclusive right to lease Homat houses and apartments, acting as property manager, sales-purchase broker, and consultant for Homat Homes. We have provided exceptional service in line with the exceptional quality of these residences.

Today, Sun Realty continues its efforts to help property owners achieve revenue growth. More than that, we are also pleased to assume — in a small way — the role of a civilian diplomat. By providing, at competitive pricing, high-quality living environments and professional services to the foreign community, we hope to project a good image of Japan to the world.

Satoshi Ihara, President

About the Founder

Shizuko Tani
(November 9, 1926 – December 16, 2020)

Shizuko Tani was born in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 1956, she established Sun Realty and Insurance Corporation, a brokerage and management company of rental houses for expats in Tokyo. She was a pioneer in this business field and was proud to assist foreigners coming to Japan. Her consistently positive, supportive attitude helped her to develop trusting relationships with tenants and property owners alike.

After the passing of Jiro Matsumura, president of Homat Homes Co., Ltd. — who was her business partner — she succeeded him in the role of sole owner of the Homat Group in 1988.

She made contributions to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tokyo American Club, the Japan America Society, ILBS (The International Ladies for Benevolent Society), the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Foundation, and the Rotary Club. She also knew many of Tokyo’s celebrities and dignitaries, such as His Highness Prince Takamatsu.