Sun Realty’s real estate specialists are here to help you, at all times. We provide a wide range of services — from helping you find the right property and securing affordable pricing to supporting tenants through the relocation process and giving owners high-quality property assistance. Our people are driven by passion and purpose.

Connecting People with Exclusive Properties

To secure the right home, real estate agents need a smooth process and they need to work quickly.

Over the nearly 70 years that Sun Realty has been in business, we have built strong relationships with those in Japan’s luxury property market. We are in direct contact with the owners of many exclusive properties and have access to the latest information about properties on the market.

Our expertise and our network will help you find the home that is best for you.

Providing Personalized Property Tours

Our real estate services help you make the best choices. While looking for a new home, we can take you on personalized tours to see the best properties available in and around the area where you would like to live.

We love finding the right homes for both single tenants and families.

Offering Tailored Relocation Support Services

Relocation is the most challenging part of moving to another country. At Sun Realty, we offer tailored support services to fit every company and respond to each individual’s needs and concerns. Our aim is to remove all barriers between client and consultant by being open and approachable, and by creating strong connections with everyone we work with.

Our relocation support services for clients include:

  • Assessment of pre-assignment needs with local HR department or individual
  • Government processes after arrival, such as registration at the ward office
  • Assistance with opening a local bank account

Comprehensive Year-Round Support

Sun Realty offers year-round support and assistance — even after tenants move into their new home. We genuinely care for all our clients and never hesitate to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Whether you’re interested in renting a property or investing in real estate in Japan, we’re here to help.