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International Schools in Japan

March 27, 2021

There is very good selection of international schools in Japan with a wide range of curriculum with a diverse student group.  They can be expensive and limited spaces.  Kindly research each school and find the right fit for your children.  The required time to prepare the documents needed for each school takes time, hence advisable to apply at least 4-6 months in advance.  As documents differ for each school, can receive information through their website or calling them directly.  It will be wise to get prior school documents from countries they have attended or letters of recommendation.  You may need a physical examination and entrance testing.  Many of the schools have a minimum English language requirement which are tested by person or by voice/video calls.  Besides the English language testing there are interviews for both student and parent.


Indian School

Global Indian International School, Tokyo ( )

Nishikasai Junior Campus

Ages 2.5-8 yrs. Pre-K Grade 3 / coed



Higashikasai High School Campus

Ages 9-17/ Grades 4-12/ coed



India International School in Japan  (

Ages 3-18 /K- Grades 12/ coed

03-5875-5435  (Nishi Ojima)


Ages 3-13 yrs./ K- Grade 6/ coed

080-3505-2247  (Yokohama Campus)


French International School

Lycee Francais International de Tokyo  (

Ages 3-18 years/ coed

03-6823-6580  (Shin-Itabashi)


Ecole Francaise de Saint Maur  (

2.5-18・Pre-k to Grade 5 in French

Grade 6 -12 in English

045-641-5751  (Yokohama )


L`Ecole du Juste Milieu ( French-Japanese International School )


Trilingual Nursery Ages 9 months -2

Bilingual pre-and Kindergarten Ages 3-6 years/ coed

Bilingual Elementary  Ages 6-11  Grades 1-5

03-5944-5929  (Nishigahara )


German School

Deutsche Schule in Tokyo Yokohama  (

Ages 3-18/ K- Grade 12/ coed



Chinese School

Tokyo Chinese School   Tokyo Chuka Gakko   (

Ages 7-18 years

03-3261-4992  (Gobancho、Chiyoda ku )

Yokohama Yamate Chinese School   (

Grade K-12  Languages in Japanese/Chinese and English


Yokohama Overseas Chinese School  Yokohama Chuka Gakuin (

Ages 6-18



Korean School

Tokyo Korean School  Tokyo Kankoku Gakko  (

Ages 6-18

03-3357-6031  (Shinjuku)


British School In Tokyo

British School In Tokyo  (

Ages 3-18 / coed

IGCSE and A- Level


Shibuya Campus ( Shibuya )


Ages 3-8

Showa Campus ( Setagaya )


Ages 9-18


Hiroo Gakuen Junior and Senior High School


5-1-14 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku

Ages 13-18  coed

Biligual English/Japanese classes

Geared towards students returning to Japan from abroad

Homat Virginia 4BR Minami-Azabu 4-chome, Minato-ku