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GoldFish Display ( Kingyo )

July 8, 2022

There is the typical Japanese summer event that takes place every year at the Art Aquarium Museum. The spectacular display of GoldFish, dynamic presentation that you don’t want to miss. On display on the 8th and 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi in the new building produced by Hidetomo Kimur, you can enjoy the exhibit all year round.

Goldfish have been a summer display at many of the homes. Ever since they were introduced to Japan by the Chinese as early as 1500, sold to the wealthy samurai and nobility. Symbol of wealth, good luck and much fortune. There are approximately 25 varieties , from a reasonable price to extremely high depending on the rarity.

There used to be Goldfish vendors coming around the neighborhood on their hand pulled carts, carrying glass blown Wind Chimes, as the chimes rang on the streets you knew the vendors were there selling the goldfish. You knew summer was here. Buy and place the fishes in a hand blown glass fluted bowl, making you feel cooler than the high temperature around you.

Gold , red, even very black ones that make a colorful scene in the water. Not only could you purchase these beautiful fishes but you can get them during the temple summer festival from many goldfish ( kingyo ) vendors, while playing a fishing game.

Of course there are many shops selling goldfish and other fishes for your home aquarium, you may want to ride out to some of the goldfish hatchers, located in Yatomi City in Aichi prefecture. The closest station would be Nagoya.

Yes, summer is here at least through September, cool yourself by purchasing some goldfish and enjoy a peaceful day at home.