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Welcome to Azabu Juban

October 21, 2022

Stroll out of your comfortable residence at Homat Virginia, walk down the hill to Azabu Juban, either pass by Korean Embassy way or around Nishimachi School and Homat Riviera. A residential area of Minato ku with a village-like atmosphere, a mixture of Japanese wonderful stores, restaurants and supermarkets, among the many International shops and restaurants.

Just on the shopping street is Seijo Ishii and the Daiei supermarket, on the back streets are
Bio c Bon, Picard, Super Naniwaya and your large Nissin Delicatessen.

Stop for coffee and sweets at Hudson Market Bakery, Dean and DeLuca, a small hidden away shop called Pointage, Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee, New New York Club Bagel, or your local Starbucks.

For restaurants, there are so many from local Soba shops such as, Sarashina to Azabu Kawakamian and many others. Ramen at Afuri, French at Allie, Sushi at Matsukan, very traditional Japanese cuisine like Kappo Kisaku, Yakitori at Momotarou, Okonomiyaki at Itohan, to your Soul Food House for waffles and fried chicken. Savoy for your simple oven baked fresh pizza, Frijoles for your burritos and tacos. Have just mentioned the ones that I have gone and liked.

Everything a stone throws away you can shop groceries, have lunch or dinner and shop for presents to take back on your travels from the Blue and White shop.

Homat President 4 Bedrooms Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku