Homat Ace 5-50, Minamiazabu 3-chome, Minato

A Homat Apartment with a private atmosphere just across the street to Arisugawa Park in Minamiazabu.


Completion Year

3 storie, 3 unit Homat Apartment

Homat Ace is located in the residential neighborhood of Minami-Azabu right across the street from the Arisugawa Memorial Park. Being in a area with the National Azabu supermarket and Hiroo Shopping street nearby, Homat Ace is popular to many locals and foreigners.
Though being a 3 story apartment, Homat Ace has only 1 unit on each floor making a at home and private atmosphere. The building was originally designed to accommodate foreigners needs.
There is a large living room with the nice view of the greenery of Arisugawa Park, with all the appliances needed with a parking space.
In the best location in Tokyo, many clients domestic and international have enjoyed the apartment ever since established.


Homat Ace

Address 5-50, Minamiazabu 3-chome, Minato

Access 9 min walk to Hiroo subway station on the Hibiya Line.

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