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Welcome to Kichijoji.

October 29, 2021

Whereabouts of Kichijoji and Inogashira Park

Inogashira Park

The park is full of wonders, the Swan boat ride on the pond is only fun for children but adults as well. In addition, there is a zoo, outdoor stage and cafes. The shrine on one end of the pond area is very serene and can feel at peace with your inner self. Can spend the entire day with friends and family. The foliage is plentiful and the flowers bloom seasonally. Once you take a long stroll around the park you probably want to come back often.

Ghibli Museum Mitaka, within the Inogashira Park premise, is a great museum, creator, Hayao Miyazaki of TOTORO, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky. Japanese Animation Studio, Studio Ghibli and the replica of the CATBUS is located on the 2nd floor.


Once out of the north exit of the Kichijoji Station you will find Harmonica Alley. The name comes from the harmonica mouth piece as the alley has side by side restaurants, bars and cafes, hardly any space for anything else. Then there is the famous croquette shop,
Kichijoji Sato, ask for the menchikatsu, made with 100% wagyu beef, that people line up.
Red bean sweets called Yokan are something people come just to the area. Other shops like EIHIRE, for a variety of sake and fish dishes are served. ISEYA is a famous yakitori restaurant, established in 1928, originally a butcher shop. Soybean Farm, a specialty shop of 30 types of Miso, serving tasty dishes made with their miso. Don’t forget Harmonic Kitchen, a wonderful establishment favored by many.

The shoppers’ mecca is Sunroad Shopping Arcade, a bustling area with over 150 shops from trendy boutiques,specialty shops and large supermarkets.