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January 31, 2022

Celebrating the beginning of spring through the Setsubun Festival.

Setsubun ( roasted soybeans throwing festival ) is celebrated one day before the beginning of spring in the old Japanese calendar. This year 2022 will be performed on February 3rd. Setsubun means “ Seasonal Division “. Both Setsubun and Risshun have been celebrated yearly since the Muromachi Period as the Spring Festival, associated with the
“ Lunar New Year “ Driving away previous years bad fortunes and evil spirits. Setsubun is observed by both Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples. You can visit either shrines or temples to watch the priest throwing a bag full of beans including some sweets from the temple balcony.

To purify each home, roasted soybeans are thrown out the house chanting “ Oni Wa Soto “ (meaning evil out the door ) “ Fuku Wa Uchi “ ( Good spirit comes into the home ) Throwing another handful of beans into the house, immediately closing the door. Then eat the beans according to your age and one extra for good luck.

Setsubun is celebrated all over Japan depending on the region the practices vary. From eating Maki Sushi in the Kansai area to other very interesting traditions.

When stopping at a convenience store or supermarket you will find shelves with a devil’s mask along with a bag or box filled with already roasted beans. Purchase one and celebrate with the family, while in Japan enjoy their customs.