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Homat Monarch Hiroo area

February 4, 2022

Exploring Hiroo

Step out of the wonderful apt. At Homat Monarch, fully renovated unit is #206. Friendly building with a wonderful take care that helps with everything that can not be done on your own. Right out the entrance is the Red Cross Street called Nisseki Dori where many major International School buses have their stop. If you have a chance, please come and view this wonderful unit, pick up the phone and call Sun Realty directly for a viewing.

When you turn to your left follow the street turn to your first left down the slope pass by the florist that carries excellent selection of fresh flowers daily from the flower market. At the end of the road on your right side you will find Homeworks burger and sandwich eatery, take out/delivery or eat-in, a very popular local hang-out. Turning to the left you will see the street filled with restaurants/cafes and shops. Many of the shops have been there for many many years. The stationary shop is a heaven for people interested in pens/pencils and all stationary items. Right by there is the one large slice pizza shop with usually 4-5 different pizzas to choose from at any time. Don’t forget the Priya Indian restaurant on the 3rd floor on the same side of the street, fabulous Indian curries, a favorite for many. Need a coffee to go, pick one up from either Starbucks or Blue Bottle Coffee. Excellent breakfast or brunch is served at Sawamura Bakery on the second floor of the Meidiya Supermarket.

Hiroo has plenty of exciting restaurants to try out, either French/Japanese/Italian/Mexican or Chinese. Try them all and enjoy your time living in Hiroo. You can also find Picard and
Dean Deluca if looking for something from home. At the end of the Hiroo shopping street is Gaien Nishi Dori, the major street that splits Shibuya-ku where Hiroo is located and Minato-ku where you will find Arisugawa Park and National Supermarket. I’ll be back in this area on my next blog, until then have a great time exploring your neighborhood.