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March 17, 2022

Cherry blossom viewing or HANAMI season is approaching fast. Mid March and early May, expected date for Tokyo March 21, 2022 or even earlier.

Magical time of the year in Japan is the blossoming of the Cherry trees, one after another from far south to the north. From Kumamoto to Kyoto. Tokyo to Sendai and up north to Sapporo. Blanketing the entire area with pastel pink petals. A moment you do not want to miss.

In Okinawa the cherry blossoms started in January, bell shaped, bright pink, called HANHIZAKURA.

As of today, the town of Kawazu along the Izu Peninsula, their trees called the KAWAZAKURA have blossomed ½ of the trees already. Along with the nanohana, the contrast of pink and yellow is a great photo shot.

Apparently there are over 100 varieties in Japan, many are wild such as the YAMAZAKURA. Most popular today which are cultivated are the SOMEI YOSHINO, which have 5 petals, the ones with more petals are called YAEZAKURA , with anywhere from 20-100 petals just like a pom-pom.

My favorite is the SHIDAREZAKURA, weeping cherry tree, wide and hanging down.

Places for great viewing are the following:


Chidorigafuchi surrounding the Imperial Palace. Just a few distance away from some of the Homats like Orient/Camellia/Admiral and Royal Pine


MEGURO RIVER, around the NakaMeguro and Daikanyama area, all the way to Gotanda

MIDTOWN, short stroll away from Homat West.

There are late blooming variety from Mid April which are ICHIYO, UKON ( color is yellowish ),
KANZAN, with about 30-50 pink petals. FUGENZO is a little whitish but turns pink at the end. Then there is the SHOGETSU which has relatively large petals. And the KIKUZAKURA with over 100 petals per blossom, the fresh green leaves seem to overlap the petals. Last is the JUGATSUZAKURA ( Autumn Cherry ) small in size but looking very fresh among the fall foliage.

Enjoy this season with family and friends, and have a great picnic in the open areas. There are many stalls that are set up along the sightseeing areas. The petals may fall in a week to
10 days, be quick.