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Things to do during the summer months in Tokyo

June 9, 2022

Things to do during the summer months in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

Spending time in Japan during the summer can be filled with an abundant amount of things to do and explore.

Check out the TeamLabo Planets Tokyo. Make your reservations online and enjoy the spectacular show that the members of TeamLabo have put together this year. Touch, feel and see the great atmosphere. This year’s concept is Body Immersive.

Go to the Tokyo Skytree and enjoy the Soramachi on the first level. Get reservations for the viewing on the top floor.

Tokyo Tower is another venue to visit, right in Minato ku. At the same time visit Tofuya Ukai, have a very lovely lunch, and a restaurant that specializes in Tofu. Located in a beautiful Japanese style home surrounded by a well manicured garden.

Tokyo Bay cruise at night which takes you to the Kawasaki area with all the cranes and buildings all lit up.

What about Glamping, yes the fancy version of camping, no need to take anything but yourself.
Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park in Chiba. Located in Kisarazu about 30 minutes from Tokyo.

BUB Resort is also located in Chiba, including surfing at nearby Kujukuri-hama beach.

In Tochigi is the Twin Ring Motegi Park filled with activities for the whole family. Forest obstacle course to motorsports.

There are various activities to enjoy from up north in Hokkaido to the southern island of Okinawa, enjoy the summer in Japan.