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July 1, 2022

Tanabata, Evening of the Seventh, also known as the Star Festival. Known to originate from the Chinese Qixi Festival. This is a celebration of the meeting of the deities Orihime ( Princess, daughter of the Sky King , Tentei). And Hikoboshi ( Male Star ) who got married, but prior to the marriage the princess had constantly woven beautiful clothing for the father but once she got married this had stopped. King was very distrubed and sent the Hikoboshi to the other side of the river ( Milky Way, or the Amanogawa ) to separate the lovers, never to meet again only once a year on the seventh lunar month of the Lunisolar Calendar. Date may vary by region either be July or August.
As there were no bridges, the Princess in her sadness called upon a flock of magpies, so they may build a bridge with their wings. The Tale tells us that no magpies could build a bridge if it rained, hence the Princess could not meet up with her Hikoboshi until the next year, only when the weather was clear could they rendezvous.

In present day, people celebrate by writing wishes or poems on a strip of colorful paper
( Tanzaku )placing them with a string and hanging them on a bamboo branch. As a tradition the bamboo are set afloat on a river or burned after the festival. It is said that if it rains at midnight the wishes do not come true. This is somewhat the same custom done during OBON when paper ships and candles are set afloat on rivers.

The largest Tanabata Festival is in Sendai, where thousands of visitors gather to view the colorful decorations starting on the 6th of August to 8th.

In Tokyo Hiratsuka, Kanagawa and Asagaya Tokyo hold their event on July 7th. Overseas,
Sao Paulo Brazil and Los Angeles California are famous for their festivals due to the large number of Japanese living in the area.

You can do your own decorations, cutting strips out of origami paper, writing your wishes and poems, folding paper cranes and making streamers. Attach them all on a bamboo branch.

Enjoy the event with family and friends.