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Stroll through Ebisu/Daikanyama and NakaMeguro

December 5, 2022

Start your day coming out of your warm residence at Homat Monarch and start your stroll towards Ebisu to Daikanyama and down to NakaMeguro. This part of the Shibuya area is relaxed but sleek with stylish boutiques, very high end restaurants, bakeries and many different art galleries. Local restaurants are wonderful, bringing in local and outside visitors.

Of course there are the local hang outs right near the Ebisu station, like the Ebisu Yokocho, off the small alley, having many small eateries alongside each other in a complex, filled with food , drinks and laughter. Bringing in, not only the elite older generation but a very young, stylish 20s and 30 ish crowd. Having dinner at the modern Thai restaurant with a fantastic view of Tokyo is the Longrain restaurant from Australia. Ebisu also has the Photographic Art Museum. Changing its display often, entertains many repeaters, and enjoys every show. Ebisu has its charm of its own, with many small narrow alleys that lead into great bars serving tapas, to delicious Chinese cuisine.

Then there is Daikanyama, the Soho or Chelsea district of Tokyo. With its specialty shops, unique boutiques and a complex called T-Site that houses many wonderful restaurants and shops. Such shops are; Ivy Place, Bakery Princis, Starbucks, Anjin Lounge and the famous Tsutaya Bookstore.

Next door is Hillside Terrace, in the basement it has the Hillside Pantry Daikanyama, with a bakery, delicatessen, grocery and organic fresh vegetable stand.. There is Gumps originally from San Francisco, Florist Igusa. Yamada Heiando, my favorite lacquer store that has been around for many years, with very high quality lacquer ware.

Along the same side of the street are high end boutiques. On the same side is the Vermicular Kitchen House Flagship Store. Great iron with enamel coated pots and iron pans that will excite any great cook. All their products are handmade with great workmanship.

Kamawanu is a special store selling Tenugui ( Hand Towels ) Japanese style which are
90cm in length and 35 cm wide. Wide variety of color and design, great gift as dish towels for the kitchen.

Petit Bateau carries baby and kids beautiful cotton clothing to Women’s basic T- shirt and underwear.
Blossom39, has a wonderful selection of strollers to clothing, swaddles and many other goods. Bornelund displays many educational toys made from wood for purchase.

The Christmas Company has everything you need to decorate your home or tree, gathered from all over the world.

Le. Labo carries the only cologne sold in Japan called Gaiac 10.

Eateries like Henry’s Burger, having 1 counter with only 5 stools, but the best Wagyu patty burger in town. Mainly for Take away.
Gohanya Isshin, Izakaya, decorated in a very modern style and ambiance, specializing in old style cooked rice to perfection, opened from 11:30 to 11:00 pm closed between 14:00-17:00.

Spring Valley Brewery where you are able to get a craft beer sampler set ( 4 glasses ) with some tapas. A bit pricey but good beer and food.

Not to miss Kyu Asakura House with its beautiful Japanese garden, with 20th century wooden residence, makes you feel you are spending a relaxed time away from the crowds of Tokyo.

Then there is the Meguro -Gawa Minna No Illumination, all the cherry trees lit up in pink color LED lights. The electricity for this is generated from all the cooking oil gathered from the surrounding restaurants. The lights span 2 kilometers, a time for a different kind of stroll in the evening cool weather, possibly stopping for a coffee or drinks along the river. The illumination show is from November 11 through January 8, 2023.

Along the river are some of the best eateries, bars and restaurants. To name a few are the following:

*Starbucks Reserve Roastery The shop was designed by architect Kumagai Kengo, the designer of the new Olympic Stadium located in Jingu Gaien.
*Cheesecake Johann, founded in 1978 and run by 3 “Grandpas’ ‘ making 4 types of wonderful cheese cake. You may become a repeater, take away only.
*Huit, brasserie and pastry.
*La Luna Rossa, a nice cozy Italian restaurant.
*Onda Tokyo, a unique seafood restaurant with a touch of Japan and French.
*El Alona, Spanish with great Paella.
*Ballon, a fun Falafel Stand.

Enjoy your walk with family or friends, stopping at different venues, never a tiring moment.

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