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Welcome to areas of Tokyo for wholesale and inexpensive shopping extravaganza.

December 15, 2022

Welcome to areas of Tokyo for wholesale and inexpensive shopping extravaganza.

That is correct, not all products or produce are expensive in Tokyo. Here are some areas that you may want to explore with family and friends. You could visit these 3 venues in one whole day or simply divide them into 2 days.

Furthest away is AMEYA YOKOCHO, an open- air market in Taito ward, right by the Ueno Station entrance. The alley has over 180 stalls, from fresh and cooked food to clothing, an endless amount of drug stores and sweets.
Why is it called Ameya which means candy shop but the other meaning comes from America, as right after WW2, there used to be a very large “ black market “. Selling American chocolates/candy and surplus American army items. From bomber jackets to pea coats, all army and navy goods. I remember as a little girl going there for real American candy, bringing back memories. Was there recently, the alleys have many, many eateries. Much of the stalls are under the train tracks ending up at Ueno Station.

Welcome to the world of kitchen town, yes you can purchase anything from pots and pans to chopsticks, wax display items, every kind of dishes all sizes to restaurant awnings and shop showcases. Kappabashi has so many products you don’t know where to begin. If you are there for the first time, start from the corner where you can view the big statue of a chef on top of a 5 storey building. Almost all restaurants purchase all or some of their items needed to start a restaurant here at Kappabashi.
Since the Covid time there have been more Japanese knife stores then before. Kamata is a knife shop which carries an excellent selection of knives and scissors.
If you are a volunteer for your child’s school event and need to take away boxes or containers, this is the place to come.

Then there is Asakusabashi, another of my favorite areas. Wholesale of wrapping paper, from sheets of washi paper to paper by the bulk for all occasions. Ribbons by the roll of all sizes and texture. Bags and boxes, from very small to large used for any event. If you are creative and like making all types of things, you will be in heaven.

If you are into making and designing your own jewelry, you can find every part you need.

Shimojima, wholesale stationery, store display goods and every item to wrap your Christmas presents.

Traditional Japanese doll stores such as KYUGETSU and SHUGETSU are found here located right by the station.

Sakura is a washi paper store(traditional handmade paper )sold by the sheet, absolutely beautiful products.

Enjoy your shopping while not spending too much money.

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