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Sourdough bread found Japan

January 15, 2023

Japan is the land for perfectly made and styled food from all countries imaginable and of course all the wonderful Japanese cuisine you can ever taste, all FOODIES are in heaven when visiting Japan. Either be on the southern tip of Okinawa or way up north in Hokkaido, plenty of restaurants to visit, never a dull moment. Restaurants, izakaya, pubs, taverns, open fish markets serving donburi`s name it, it’s all here in Japan.

But did you ever imagine that out of all the bakeries in Japan from the white loaf of
“ Wonder bread” to all the pastry shops, there in the hidden areas are the Sourdough Bakeries!!

I remember as a child growing up in Tokyo, I would walk to our local bread store and get a loaf of white bread that tasted sweet and airy, then as I was growing up, moving from one country to another, coming across all the hard crusted loaves of breads from Europe, what an eye-opener. The loaf of white bread was a hit a few years back until recently with many hitting the market but no ques now in getting the loaf.

Finally in Japan the sourdough bakers have arrived. I will in this Blog mention some shops that I have bought and tasted, give you my honest opinion on the taste and quality of the loaves of bread. First to mention is the newly opened BROD located in a small alley in Hiroo. Kristina the Danish baker makes the best sourdough breads in town. All her sourdough loaves of bread, around 7-8 different kinds, are made on the premises and baked fresh every Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday. I can’t comment any more than to say, excellent and fantastic, wanting to come back for more every week. They also make scones, cookies, crispbread, energy balls and their great sourdough granola. Using all organic flour, spelt flour, rye, buckwheat, and wholewheat. Other ingredients either vegan butter or seeds, nuts and dried fruit are all organic. At the moment they are only open on baking dates.

Others that are on my list to share with our readers are the following:

TOMBOLO is located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. It has a very earthy atmosphere, all their loaves taste good. If you are ever up north, visit this small bakery, you will not regret.

KANEL BREAD is located in Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi, bakery and next door is a restaurant, serving sandwiches with their baguette.

BARTIZAN BREAD FACTORY located in Aoyama right on Nisseki Dori, they have some sourdough loaves of bread, but mainly French hard bread.

TARUI BAKERY, located in Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku. I like their D`Epi, bakery plus eatery with a full menu.

PARKLET BAKERY, Nihonbashikobunacho, Chuo-ku, very nice country- style bread, serving them with open face sandwiches which are a very nice turn from the ordinary sandwiches. Soups and salads are on their menu, along with large size scones.

BRICOLAGE BREAD AND COMPANY, at Roppongi Hills, in-door and out-door eating space, good for a quick breakfast. Having pastries to eat in or take-away. Mainly serving French country- style bread.

LEE`S BREAD is located in the seaside area of Oiso, Kanagawa-shi, good earthy sourdough loaves of bread and French country- style bread. Mainly sold to the local clientele, she serves open face sandwiches and nice pastry. She seems like Kristina from BROD, likes to bake and started her own bakery and is doing well at the seaside town of Oiso.

KANDAGAWA BAKERY in Takada, Toshima-ku, a sweet bakery surrounded by greenery, serving danish pastries, country- style bread and rolls filled with cheese, shrimp and meats with grilled vegetables. A savory twist from your open face sandwiches and pastries.

BOULANGERIE deRIEN is located at Horikoshi Minami-ku Hiroshima, yes a great bakery in Hiroshima. Tamura-san, who bakes their bread in a wood-fire brick oven, wonderful hearty country- style bread, like Pain de Campagne, baguette, and boule de pain, all from the brick oven, sold only as a whole size.

Choose your pick, there are many many more then the above, just a short list of bakeries that carry sourdough. Try to eat from many of the bakeries and find your favorite and be happy, starting in the morning.

Homat Monarch 3BR 20-13, Hiroo 2-chome, Shibuya-ku