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Sweets in Tokyo

June 4, 2023

Welcome to the land of beautifully packaged and delicious sweets either be Japanese confection or Western style.

One in particular that is new, NUMBER SUGAR. Simply wrapped handmade caramels. The wrapper does not have what the taste of each caramel is but they are number coded. 12 different tastes that are absolutely amazing. When you purchase them loosely, the sales person will place them in a white bag, the back of the bag there is a number chart that indicates the number to the taste of each. Located in Omotesando on Cat Street, Daikanyama right by T-Site, Sendagaya 2-chome(temporarily closed) and Marunouchi 3-chome.

Then there is the new HOUSE CHEESE CAKE in Minami Azabu, right down the small alley by National Supermarket. Basque style cheesecake baked each in a Staub pot. 7 different flavors to choose, Classic, Blue Cheese, Camembert, Framboise, Orange, Vanilla and Caramel from
3 sizes. Well baked on top but so creamy inside it melts as soon as you place a piece in your mouth.

Be! FRUIT SANDWICH, located at GRANSTA at Tokyo Station. That is correct, between 2 pieces of white bread, plenty of fresh whipped cream is placed that various whole fresh fruits are spread out either in layers of by themselves. I don’t think there are any sandwiches made like this in the world except Japan. It’s worth a try, you may get hooked.

AMESHIN TOKYO located at Skytree Town, SOLAMACHI. This is called Amezaiku, soft candy, called MIZUAME, wrapped around a stick which before it is cooled down is shaped by hand and a pair of scissors and tweezers made looking like animals and others, colored just to perfection. Such artistry was found at temple festivals in the past but a slowly dying performance. It is said to have started in the Heian period, candy offerings to the temples in Kyoto. Then as time passed in the Edo period became popular.

Must not forget, TAKENO TOHAGI, located in Meguro. A sweet Japanese confection made from very sticky rice covered with red bean or white bean paste. This store is the only one I know that shapes the Ohagi into beautiful flowers. If you visit a special Japanese friend and you purchase these, people will be totally overwhelmed. Not only is the presentation wonderful but so is the taste.

There are many, many more wonderful sweets to taste and purchase in Japan. I have just mentioned a few in the Tokyo area. Enjoy your stay and help yourself to some fantastic sweets.