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A Stroll Through Azabu Juban

July 30, 2021

Azabu Juban

A short stroll away from Homat Sharon, Homat Virginia, Homat Ace,Homat Gardenia and Homat Riviera are several wonderful areas at your doorstep worth searching out.

Roppongi Hills / Midtown
Shirokane / Takanawa
Azabu Juban
Arisugawa Park

Today we would like to focus on Azabu Juban, a district filled with a mixture of both Japanese old style shops and very modern boutiques and trendy restaurants. Cobblestone sidewalks, decorated with sculptures made by Japanese artists, is a welcoming addition.

One favorite Japanese shop is Naniwaya specializing in TAI YAKI thin layers of dough covering red bean paste baked in an iron mold shaped like fish.

Mamegen, another favorite specialty is their osenbei, puffed rice mixed with a variety of nuts flavored with matcha, sesame and even wasabi. The shop has been on the corner where it stands for over 100 years.

Across the street from Mamegen is Kobayashi Toy Store. Open from 11:00 to 7:00 every day except Tuesdays and National Holidays. Yes, a simple toy store that carries a mixture of games and toys. Great place to pick up a net and insect cage for the summer fun at Arisugawa park.

Don’t miss the BLUE and WHITE store capturing traditional made Japanese crafts from all over Japan. American; Amy Sylvester Katoh, the proprietor and author of:
Japan the Art of Living
Japan Country Living; Spirit, Tradition, Style
Blue and White Japan

At the store she or her staff can help you select the best unusual items to take back as presents from Japan.

Several supermarkets that carry everything you would need for your culinary pleasure.

Usually the beginning or end of OBON holiday..The summer festival happens for 2 days, on Saturday and Sunday. Every street and corner are lined with vendors with food and gifts. The nearby playground has games for both children and adults. Streets are blocked from traffic between 3:00 and 7:00 during the festival.

Other wonderful venues to try are the following:

Tohryu Azabuten Chinese
Savoy Pizza ( pizza only )
Eitaitei Korean BBQ
Seo ( grilled chicken, yakitori )
Itohan ( Okonomiyaki )
Sarashina ( soba and udon )
Afuri ( Ramen )
Soulfood House ( Waffle and fried chicken )
Hudson Street Bakery ( good old American style pies and desserts )
Gelateria Marghera ( 36 flavors of Italian handmade gelato, and Dopocena, pastry with gelato )

There are so many other great fun bars, restaurants , and shops to explore, have fun.